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❶Among the places that have been visited are marine aquariums, lakes, and farms.


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When we look for good, better or best software training institutes or centers, first we should not limit the title to Chennai, because we should not restrict ourselves to only one city in finding out the best. Hence we start discussing about the topic in general irrespective of the location asked for. Which is the best? All the advertisements of the software training institutes present that they are the best.

When an institute says they are the best, it could be possible to be one of the good institutes. So, let us not spend our time in finding out good software training institutes. We will consider every institute as good one. Now the competition is between the better and the best.

Good Training, Affordable fees and the location — These are the three factors that make a training institute better or the best.

Let us talk about the three factors in reverse order. In Chennai — Where? First Location — In Chennai, it is good to look for the training institutes, where the transportation facilities are feasible. You might have terrible traffic experiences in Chennai. Thus it is good to have the training institutes in locations where Bus and Train — both are feasible. Such areas are Egmore , Tambaram and Velachery. Among these locations, we can consider Velachery as better option.

This is the reason many good software training institutes in Chennai started looking for a place in Velachery. Then the fees — Almost every training institute charges more or less the same amount! But the needed thing is as a trainee, you should enquire each and every institute before finalizing your institute.

If you are lazy in enquiring, no worries — you will lose a few thousands more from your packet! The final point is Good Training — Though we discuss at last, this is the very important factor to discuss. Most of the training institutes will have full time trainers. When we look for training for our career, it is always advisable to select a training which focuses on Real time training. Hence, we should ask about the trainers when we enquire the training institutes.

Please do attend those classes and then decide the best software training institute in chennai. And yes, the cost of living does matter, and i think that aspect is more compromising in Chennai than in Bangalore. Praveen, I agree with your observations. I realize that I have missed mentioning about Bangalore gardens- will update the post with that. I think sewage problem exists in some parts of Bangalore also Yes Shrinidhi, there might have sewage problems, electrical problems, transportation problems etc etc..

Offcourse we cant compare any Indian city with international metros. The multiplexes in bangalore screen flims of 6 different langauges at the same time. Hi Nikilesh and Nikil, I agree with both of your comments. Will include them in the post as appropriate when I update it next time.

Gud comparison of big cities in India!!! I have been to H"bad recently after a year of stay in Sydney Hi Neelam, Thanks for the comment and sharing your experiences. Other one serves as business continuity and can be used in emergency purposes.

Since Mumbai is not covered in this post let me drop that I totally agree with you.. Hindi is not a mandatory subject in schools. It is a major drawback. Thanks for the brief comparison. Bangalore is growing much faster than the other two. Few decades ago Jayanagar was considered "too far". Now kengeri is also not considered far Seems true to a reasonable extent I have stayed in Chennai for the past three years and here in Bang for two months.

Abt the things I like better in Bang. The things I miss: But now deluxe buses of much higher quality, in cases better than the proclaimed BEST of Mumbai have hit the roads. And the point is most of the deluxe class buses have normal fares It aches to pay Rs for 15 mins journey in Bang and I wont talk abt Mumbai cuz the cas is different with local trains. And believe me the small private vans which I am forced to take becoz of the less availability of BMTC buses suck big time..

Try doin that in Chennai!!! One must say they sure are heavy on the pocket. Believe me one of the cleanest beaches I have ever seen, You must have a look at the Juhu beach Mumbai to appreciate its beauty. I have never been thrown of my feet standing in a bus and hit my head on the roof of the bus anywhere else in India except in Bang.. Not even during the times of travelling in the crapiest of the buses in chennai.

Just a correction in one of the comment I am pretty sure in most of the buses in Chennai its written in Eng Cmon it hurts to ask the conductor everytime And as of my final verdict Being a tam, I have a psychological attachment towards Chennai and an instinctive attachment towards Bangalore I would kill to live in any of the two great cities!!!!!!

Virgin That was a lengthy comment Dotted with lots of trees, Chennai looked definitely better those days. Hmmm what to say.. Hyderabad was made cleaner by Naidu, but its losing its charm to the multifold increase in Traffic!

We say Indian economy is developing.. My hope to see clean, green, less chaotic cities now lie with smaller cities such as Mangalore or Mysore or Coimbatore I preferred Mangalore to Bangalore when I was given a choice. Not if they follow the same pattern of these 3 cities. Hopefully there will be some serious urban planning involved to develop these cities when they expand.

Venky, Well, traffic is an issue in all Indian cities, though Bangalore is notorious for this. Thanks for sharing your experience and opinions. Lets hope for the best. Good points even i have stayed in 3 places. Agree with your observations. Hyderabad has got an US consulate now. I too have lived in these three places born and brought up in Hyd but am working in Bangalore, and relatively no much exp with Chennai.

Some observations -- Traffic in Hyd is still less when compared to Bangalore. Some of the junctions esp. Any darshini charges you a minimum of 20 bucks plus. I mean, its just impossible that food costs more in Hyd than in Bangalore.

Travel, Bangalore is virtually out of its bounds. I work in an office in Marathalli but stay in Mathikere, and trust me, its simply not possible to get a bus without much crowd in this route. Its the busiest as I see, but that is no excuse. There is no way that you can get stranded out there. Fares in autos and buses, need I say anymore?

And hyd has recently forced all the auto waalas to fix digital meters. The only things that you can have against hyd are lesser economy I mean lesser job opportunities due to lesser IT companies, but over time that would be taken care of..

Otherwise, hyd would be a rocking place anyday!!! I have visted bangalore thrice but never stayed there. Hyderabad,I love the auto guys here,travelling around is really cheap,the share auto concept is also there in madras,but it is confined to certain parts of the city.

But even three seater autos have become share autos in hyderabad,about 7 ppl sit in one auto,for ppl from madras,this would be shocking,to say the least. Traffic,Hyderabad has a lot to learn from madras,but bikers would love it in hyd. Well,I disagree when you say there are no picnic spots near madras,there are about 5to 6 big amusement parks in madras.

You have mahabalipuram,pondicherry,vedanthagal,scenic beaches along the ECR. There are no Amusement parks in hyderabad,i guess there is one near hussein sagar,but i have not been there and it looks quite small. If they are,plz tell me!! The other thing about hyderabad is I couldnt find malls in here. I love good old spencers. But being a hardcore madrasi,nothing can beat a ride on the East Coastal Road. I stay in madhapur,near the famous hitech city of hyderabad,while the roads leading to the hitech city and the roads in hitech are wide and too good,madhapur has got no roads!!

I have a feeling that i live in a village,mud roads are ok,but they should be even atleast..!! Being a tam and a person who loves madras,my comments may be biased,so plz feel free to point out if i have gone wrong!! Hi Naveen and Ghurram, Thanks for the comments. I think Hyd has not been included. Otherwise your study of south is ok. Will consider linking it.

Hi shree - first leme appreciate yo work and also all the folks who have responded to yo words. The thing that freaks out any non tamilian is ego for their language , which z infact creating conflicts with other communities. They don accept Hindi as their national language!!! Had rivalry with north india all these days. Their statement for that was " No language can get the same honour what tamil has got. Infact , tamil is older than earth " Seems a joke , but some idiot told that: So they are tryna start issues with south indian states too.

Eventually , who are gona support them? Infact language is a part of city. No i think its the heart of city. Ashzboss, If they feel they gain more than what they stand to lose by not learning Hindi, it is their choice.

I do not want to comment on it saying that is right or wrong. I visit Chennai often, Chennai is disciplined compared to Hyd, the auto guys are irritating in Chennai. Hyd is far more cleaner than Chennai. I came here in December last year after 2 years, and I found a lot of improvement in Chennai. Hyderabad is deteriorating when it comes to traffic congestion etc Well u cant find Tamil or kannada movies in Hyderabad, whereas in Chennai u find telugu movies and even hindi movies Hindi being opposed.

Auto fares in Hyd have also increased following the fixture of digital meters that makes Hyd in no way different than Chennai. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. Nandhini restaurent is very famous for non-veg. Subbu, Agree with your views-just a few add ons: Venktagiri hills, Ramoji film city and Bidar are places that can be considered for one day outings apart from Nagarjuna Sagar Bangalore: Not sure which restaurant adds sugar in sambar.

Metro train will come in couple of years-till then, traffic woes will continue Senthil, Well, business compulsions or other reasons have made many people to learn Hindi over a period of time, so outsiders are able to manage to some extent.

Appreciate your detailed explanation. Butler English- hmm and Butler Hindi also For bus numbers, asking someone sitting inside is best option when referring to board becomes difficult. Vinod, Thanks for detailed rating. More or less I agree with the the same. This comment has been removed by the author. I wanted to write more but space does not permit so here is the separate entry for each city I feel ppl in Hyd have a more laidback, chalta-hai attitude transitioned from its nawabi culture which is clearly visible in its lack of civic sense, traffic sense.

This has its pluses too; you need not adhere to the traffic lights and be flexible yet careful. Further, there is a clutter of dirty wires hanging loose across the street light poles, which put you off. You see ppl spitting on the roads right from the buses, and old city is a blot on the map of Hyd with its narrow lanes, and shanties more like a mega slum. Himayathnagar has undergone a sea change lately. Public transport is okay, but buses around are inadequate, MMTS popularity is growing but it is high-time the second phase is commissioned to fully utilize the vast railway network.

Autowallahs were polite, courteous, and obliging earlier, however there used to be rampant tampering of old meters, following which digitization of meter was mandatory. Ppl in Hyd show more hospitality and welcome ppl from all regions with open hands.

It is a true confluence of north-south and culturally rich. You will not find the local language imposed upon you, and even the shops and establishments widely use English as the only display language. Local ppl are warmer, friendly, helpful as well as casual. Climate, except for the summer months is pleasant. The city admin has to pull up their socks and provide more infrastructure, facilities to its citizens and ppl need to obey traffic rules, be more responsible towards environment and shun the take it for granted attitude.

However, the quality of construction, and services offered are not up to the standards. There are a good number of veg hotels too and darshini concept is fast catching up. Movie theaters are any day best in Hyd with great facilities at a fraction of the cost.

You can enjoy your fav movies at a multiplex for as little as Rs. You find great sofa seats and ambience even in the suburban cinemas with great audio and picture quality. However, you cannot expect Tamil, Mallu movies in regular shows. Public transport read BMTC buses is good with more than buses plying and good, neat buses with pneumatic doors, and the Volvos are great, though the price is bit on a higher side.

The less said the better about the Bangalore auto-wallahs. They bluntly refuse to ply to your destination and you need to negotiate autos to get lucky. Civic sense and citizen orientation is very good here with numerous beautiful layouts, greenery, parks and playgrounds. Of course the new swarming areas are in a mess. In every street you would find scores of darshinis with affordable yet delicious food.

Except house rentals all other costs are on par with Hyd, which is also catching up with high rentals. There are a bunch of wknd getaways nandi and skandagiri hills, mysore, wonder-la, hoggenakal falls, banyan tree etc and even hill stations like ooty, yercaud, coorg are not too far for a wknd trip. If your are strongly inclined towards culture and spirituality, Chennai is the place to be not the nightlife type.

Being a vast Metro city, you will find good and bad places to live and see. The decades or rather centuries-old language barrier seems to fading with the globalization. However, more than Hindi, English seems to be well-responded to, which is more than enough. Mamallapuram and the sea resorts along the OMR road is a great way to unwind next to the sea.

Marina and other beaches though good is highly polluted and crowded during weekends. Being a Metro, Chennai is home to a lot of consulates and regional headquarters. Movies are a serious business with a strong Tamil film industry belting out innovative films by the year.. And being home to the great maestro AR Rehman, and of course our own Michael Jackson, Prabhu deva, it is the entertainment capital of India. A thing or two to clarify the language barrier that has often been pointed out while discussing anything about chennai.

There are more private schools teaching hindi here than anywhere else in the country. General public, who are hindi literate readily help out outsiders when faced with a so-called language barrier. Look at it in a broad perspective and it will be fine. Due to various reasons, AP, KE and KA never really took this issue seriously in s, for political support, whereas in TN it became the single most factor to power. And such brainwashing continues even now, just for vote bank politics something similar to Telangana issue in AP, Cauvery Issues in KA etc.

And for this sole reason, none of the TN state schools have hindi in their curicullum. Believe it or not, try speaking in hindi in AP cities like Nellore and Guntur and you would get a far worse reaction that what you think you would have got in Chennai.

The same holds true in KA and Kerala as well. Ask the scores and scores of "outsiders" in the Sowkarpet area of Chennai, who have made the city as their second home and they would answer. Hai Hyderabad is best city compare to other cities.

So many places to see. He worst thing is people of Hyderabad has no traffic sense,nobody follow traffic rules. Eventhough roads here are wide u dont get route to move farward. Ovrall Hyderabad is best place to live. Though bangalore and hyderabad are developing now,chennai is the oldest city once it ruled bangalore and hyderabad. It is the detroit of south asia. Its the best in all industries and its a leader in IT exports. Its the second largest IT exporter behind bangalore according to Indian industry of software exports and Wikipedia.

Dvelopment, exonomy and trade thrives in chennai. Living condition is based on individual preference and i like to live in this city considering the options available. Hi Nidhi, This is a great topic to talk about. I grew up in chennai 25 yrs , Worked in bangalore 5 yrs , lived in hyderabad 2.

This could be because of language. Moreover chennai when compared to other cities has to highest number of political parties varying from caste, religion and legacy.

All to gether, from autowalas to policing, politics rules. You can find different flags on almost all the autos and private vehicles. People also misuse power for personal benefits. As far as i know, there is no good place to visit in chennai. Roads are always under construction. The biggest problem is parking in chennai You need to find a space for your car before buying it.

Loads of land deviations led to narrow roads and moreover oneway bridges. I have never seen bridges as narrow as chennai bridges are. No social drinking places. Liquor shops are owned by government and you can hardly find a bar to hangout. There are pubs and discos in star hotels but unlike Bangalore or Hyderabad you cant hangout for a cheaper price.

Food is very tasty, expensive and less in quantity. The best example is saravana bhavan. House on rent are badly maintained. Beaches are used as toilets by public. Moreover hooliganism is at heights. They talk less and do more. I loved chennai when i was in college, but when i visited the other two cities, i found that chennai has a long way to go. Bangalore has got a big time problem of clutural presence.

People are more inclined to kannada and their culture which i respect. I loved learning kannada and its culture, but the way it is politicized is bad. People have a feel that migrants are alliens, though they dont show up it is evident especially for tamils. Its a cool place, less commercial. Its value for money. But the recent telangana issues irks the present situation. Language is not a barrier.

IT companies are restricted to balance with traditional lifestyle. One of the guy who posted saying "are they expecting us to learn tamil", dude we are not coming to your place and forcing you to learn our language, If travel to spain you better know some spanish and be happy if you can get around with English there, but dont complain, that they dont know Hindi.

People commenting about Tamils attitude on Hindi, should change their attitude and give respect to other cultures and languages. Every language is great to it own people, so is Tamil to its people. Wow just happenend to browse and found this interesting blog I am from Chennai worked in Hyderabad for 2 years and Bangalore 1 year. I dont know from where you got this false data In Bangalore highest no of skyscrapers are being built compare with other 2 cities Hi, Thanks for sharing.

How do you rate these 3 cities. I got offer from Bangalore and Hyderabhad. Which one should I have to choose. When compared to Bangalore cost of living is less in Hyderabhad. Regarding hot climate I can buy AC.

I dont like to loose all my money because of climate. Thank you for all your valuable inputs. It helped me a lot. Hyd has a lot better companies than bangalore.. By what you say i understand you have never been to hyd and live in your small world called bangalore.

Except traffic, Bangalore is a wonderful city, even with such a real estate boom, it is highly appreciable to see so many water bodies, parks almost in all layout. Darshini system is the best in India. Where you can get any veg food. Hopefully with metro coming up, traffic problem might get solved. In my experience,chennai is far more better place when compare to hyderabad Refer to the comments by Mr. Senthilraj, I would like to tell u To start of with, Bangalore has traffic woes..

Peace be upon every1…bengaluru rocks anyday…!! Bangalore is best city to live and chennai is beyond the 5 years then bangalore. If we see real estate and IT and infrastructure Bangalore is good. Thanks for your comments people Hyderabad is the best one for all cost of leaving because there are lot of hostels in Hyderabad. In Chennai it is too costly to stay in Chennai.

Recently companies are putting on hold their expansion plans in Hyd due to Telangana uncertainty. Hope that gets resolved soon. Appreciate the good things told about Chennai. But travelling in chennai is very costly.

The discourteous auto wallas,the dirty roads and the locals who do not have a civic sense. They spit and pee any where and every where. Street brawls are very common upon minor provocations which often continue for hours and turn violent. Driving is very dangerous on chennai roads. No traffic rules are strictly followed. This is a very commin site in chennai buses. Those who disagree with this are probably blind or deaf. But just look at the way it has grown in years.

No city can grow this fast. Just look at the growth rate here!! Its not comparable with any other city in the World. Its the second fastest growing city in the world after Las Vegas in the united states. It is the IT capital of the country and silicon valley of India. People in chennai LACK basic civic sense. People here know and speak only tamil which will be a hardship for new comers and tourists. Its only the mode of transport available for commuting.

Ill highlight many things what many of them are not aware of!!! Chennai has a strong lineage and appreciation for music- classical to modern to film, sports- cricket is all over the country, hockey and football in many parts, but for tennis, golf, polo, chess, motor racing like niche sports Chennai is the true mecca.

Even in adventure sports it has some truly great outbacks- sky diving, paragliding, water skiing, scuba diving, surfing are all available, and for the less brave there are numerous bowling arenas, video parlors, etc. And for the couch potatos there are pubs too. Yes, there might be not be a super active night life. If you call this lack of entertainment, then I am afraid some of you guys lack the art of appreciating the finer aspects of life.

There is a support opportunity and growth for every person from any part of country or world. It is for this reason you can find entire India in bangalore , I mean there are people from every state who have migrated to bangalore. If there is only one city that is developed to a very high position and if all other cities are not developed to this stage people obviously choose to live in blore and hence there is a scarcity of resources here.

If there s anyone who can come with a negative thing about bangalore I ll prove them how the other two cities is more worse than Bangalore , of course not the price issues cos even though blore has high prices salaries and other payments are equally high I lived in Bangalore for 5 years The only reason chennai is here in discussion is nly cos of British I agree traffic is a issue in bangalore..

Der r diffrnt types of busses. N food; ny type of fud is available in almost every area.. In Chennai everywer dirt. Even big subways in Chennai wer thousands of people go through smells like hell, waste water Metro is another feather. To dis, a hybrid Volvo bus has already started trial run for city transport making eco frndly n eff transport Hyderabad is a best currently no more discussion or comparison, case is dismissed I am from North india settled in Chennai, travels frequently to Bangalore.

As a planning point of view, I find Bangalore is more violated in terms of building norms. I noticed ten storey buildings in just 40ft road, whereas in chennai, only four storey buildings are allowed in 40 ft road. Because of this condition, built up space increases, in turn there is traffic congestion in bangalore.

Moreover, zoning in bangalore is very improper, i noticed commercial buildings in almost all the roads. But in Chennai, i noticed entertainment parks along ecr, IT parks along omr, Industries along Sriperumpudur, Refineries along Ennore and heavy industries along Avadi, which distributes the traffic in all directions.

I am happy about the city planning of chennai more than Bangalore which concentrates only on IT which is zoned in Electronic city and saturated nowadays. I really cant understand why people are expecting night life? People who are writing in this content are all IT and IT related guys.

That is why i am hearing bangalore as best city. Of course chennai cant be compared to Delhi or Mumbai in terms of infrastructure. It is a city for indian people where you still see - down to earth human beings which i am not seeing in bangalore.

Hyderabad is the no doubt a best place compared to Bangalore and Chennai. These are things required for any city in the developing countries and Hyderabad leads than others. Hey Nidhi, I loved your article. P Anyways I felt that Hyderabad is better especially for north Indians and apart from that i donno i love the place and you get a peace of mind over there which i failed to find in bangalore: P And what i have noticed is that alcohol laws are more strict in andhra compared to karnataka i mean when i was in bangalore almost every resteraunt i went to was filled with the stench of smoke and alcohol im a brahmin so: P and in hyderabad that is not the case so maybe thast why people tend to prefer bangalore??

Guys thanks for sharing your thoughts, opinions and experiences. I am unable to respond to each comment individually.

Even a kid talks in English. When it comes to chennai everyone talks in tamil. Even if they know English or any other languages they use speak only in tamil and not even in English. Above one or two guys told tht chennai is so small compared to the other two cities. Madras is the first corporation in india. Manufacturing plants for numerous automobiles and also Chennai the detroit of south asia and holds the number two position in software export, not much far behind Bengaluru.

All major consulates and embassies are in chennai than remaining two. One of the biggest port in india. Gateway of south india. Biggest entertainment industry in india. And extremely such a vast city one could not even imagine with other two. One must not forget tht chennai is the mother for all south indian states. One cannot compare chennai with bengaluru or hyderabad. Do u know the metro rail distance of chennai and bengaluru? I think it was not even 5 or 6 km in bengaluru, and that of constructed for only one line.

It was chennai one of the biggest metropolitan city in india. Hyderabad could have been much much better if there were more temples.

And if people - hindus and muslims - all leave happily. In bangalore, I would have liked if people followed their hearts more There is a city peer pressure for fashion, girl-friend boy-friend, being cool But now, they are getting influenced by others, and not from their heart.

Hope Banaglore rediscovers itself. I feel, it is absolutely fine if any one comes and settles in Bangalore, but issue is they knowingly or unknowingly degrade the society pre-marital, etc etc. And then they either go back to their land and brag about what they did at bangalore or settle down and make everyone related to them, like them!

Thanks for that perspective Paramgyani: Thanks for your input Mathan: I compared these cities because I lived here. I have lived in all the three cities and I found that the local people are most accommodating in Hyderabad. Bangalore and chennai are far better in terms of these Sirs I feel , being a North Indian, I prefer hyderabad. PS Never been to bangalore.. Varies from area to area culture blr: Thanks for sharing your views.

Bangalore is now facing severe water shortage and power crisis Lots of flyovers have eased traffic a bit. British developed chennai as main city in south. Later Indians spoiled chennai. After independence Indians developed hyderabad and bangalore which is already spoiled. Nice Observation on three beautifull cities. For all those people who believe that hindi is our national language, u r wrong. It is just an official language like english in central govt.

But south indians mainly tamils, also kannadigas argued hindi for us as alien as english. Yet there is no restriction not to learn languages. Nothing wrong in not knowing hindi. I donot have much experience with chennai. This is just for Chennai Haters: Hyderabad is the best place when compared to banglore and chennai. Hyderabad has many historic places to visit and great architectural buildings.

In food wise also hyderabad is best. No language barrier, all can happily live. Hyderabad has the biggest film industry when compared to chennai and banglore and produces more number of movies than any other industry in the world. Now a blore resident: Interms of living blore stands first then chennai just be so of d weather.

Blore is pensioners paradise still.. Thanks to some infra projects like metro.. But pace is damn slow!! Chennai is more safe when compared to other cities in india. Roads in blore are narrow when compared to chennai. Blore-Traffic is horrible and a reason for employees to leave early from office. Night driving is a threat in blore..

Beware of dogs especially!! Chennai is more active than blore. For years I have seen tea stalls opening at 4 am and closing at 12 midnight in chennai.. Food in chennai is cheaper and tastier..

Obviously for an outsider it is not so since I m experiencing now in blore..

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