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Why is seed/fruit dispersal important?

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homework help fruit seeds

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And so much more! To Recipients Please enter a valid email address. To share with more than one person, separate addresses with a comma. With those advantages, the seeds stand a much better chance at survival. Plus it allows a species to begin "colonizing" a new area. Instead of simply growing in a very limited area, a species can extend its habitat and niche. Additionally, organisms that feed on seeds birds tend to search for areas where there are a lot of seeds in a small space.

If seeds are scattered further apart from one another, they stand a greater chance at not being consumed by birds. Seed dispersal is the moving of seeds to a new location. This helps move genetic information away from the parent plant into new and uncharted territory.

As mentioned in the previous responses, this prevents the plant from dying due to a lack of resources. For example, colorful, fleshy, aromatic fruits tend to be eaten by animals.

The seeds generally pass through the digestive system undamaged and are stimulated to germinate by the abrasive action of enzymes and extreme pH. Still others are modified with wings or parachutes whose large surface area catches air currents. The parts of the fruit are derived from the parts of the ovary. The wall of the ovary becomes the pericarp of the fruit. Fruits can be classified based on, among other things, the kind of pericarp they have.

You will learn about the structure of flowers, fruits and seeds. You should be able to identify the various parts of a typical flower and give their functions. You will learn about the major types of asexual reproduction among flowering plants. This lab should take three hours to complete.

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Explain the advantage to plants of dispersing their seeds' and find homework help for other Science questions at eNotes Fruits contains seeds. Most plants produce fruits that are adapted for.

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homework help fruit seeds Join our Newsletter to learn all about Growing, our Products & Growing Mediums!Homework Help Fruit Seeds. homework help fruit seeds the metamorphosis gregor works . In many types of seeds, the hard casing of the seed is surrounded by flesh called a fruit. Many fruits are attractive to animals, providing food, so the seeds are dispersed that .

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Fruits are a great way to disperse seeds. Animals eat the fruit and seeds and then release the seeds some distance away from the parent plant. If all the seeds were deposited close to the parent plant . Lab: Flowers, Fruits and SeedsThe goal of this lab is to learn about the structure and function of flowers, fruits and seeds. You will also study the reproductive processes in flowering plants and discover the value of fruits to fruit is the mature ovary of a flower containing the fertilized ovules.