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Essay/Term paper: The lewis and clark expedition

Lewis and Clark Research Paper

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Essay title: The Lewis and Clark

Essay, term paper, research paper: History
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The original purpose of the expedition was quite modest — to explore the territory the United States acquired in the purchase of Louisiana from France, and the results have laid the basis for the future expansion of the United States to the Wild West. On the road, Sacagawea of the Shoshone tribe, who was of great help as a translator, joined the expedition. In , the U.

President Thomas Jefferson commissioned Lewis and Clark to lead the first official expedition to the Wild West of America to search for the path of the river to the Pacific Ocean. Purchased from France in , Louisiana Territory, which occupies about a third of the territory of the modern United States, had no clearly defined boundaries to the north, west, and south-west.

In the south-western part of it was claimed by Spain, believing that the border of Texas was fixed further to north than France and the United States included in the territory of the Louisiana Purchase. The area was inhabited mostly by Indians, and up to was practically undeveloped. What was further to the west, it was not known in particular, before the expedition, there was no information of the existence of the Rockies.

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Subject of the call Please choose the reason of your request Order placement Payment and authorization Quality of my order General question. Your order ID or. Your customer ID or. Please indicate your name. Any additional comments or requests? Cancel Call me back. Thank you for your request! They grew beans, squash, corn, and tobacco. The Mandans supplied the Corps with food and supplies during their stay and when spring came they bid farewell and the Corps continued on their expedition.

During the first meeting of the Corps with the Teton Sioux, the Corps went through their normal ritual of meeting Indians and the tribe were not impressed by it, but instead saw the Corps as competitors for trade in the region.

No one in the Corps could speak Sioux so it was very difficult for the two groups to communicate. But before there was a big chance of war the Corps decided to leave sooner than anything threatening to their safety could take place.

The Corps met the Walla Wallas during early October in the year Since the Corps were rushing to get to the Pacific, they rejected their welcome. However the leader, Yelleppit, made them promise to return to the village on their way back.

So when the Corps returned in April, they agreed to stay for a while. There were about 15 lodges in the village and because of the request by their leader, the Walla Wallas welcomed the Corps kindly.

In return Clark gave Yellepitt his sword, rounds of ammunition, and other different trade objects. The Corps told the tribe their plans of leaving but Yellepitt asked them to stay one more night and they agreed to.

Because of them willing to stay the tribe gave them horses, food, canoes, and valuable information about the next place they wanted to go. That night neighboring tribes joined the Corps and the Walla Wallas to have a big celebration where they dance to the beats played on the drums and ratlles. Throughout the duration of the journey the Corps met many different tribes that each helped them in different ways. Some supplied them with food others with supplies and others with valuable information.

They were able to see that all Indians were different and none were the same.

Lewis and Clark Expedition

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Research Paper On Lewis And Clark Lewis and Clark Expedition In Meriwether Lewis and William Clark launched an expedition that was extremely important for the American land discovery and the whole future of the country.

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