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I do not have an email address. Can I get your information by snail mail? I am an Israeli citizen. When should I submit the online registration up form? I would like to post on the forum. How do I report broken links, suggest improvements etc.?

How much Hebrew do I have to know? What happens if my command of Hebrew is not reasonable, at the time of the enlistment? Should I book an ulpan even after having learnt Hebrew overseas?

I am a secular Jew and not religious at all. One of my parents is not Jewish. Only one of my grandparents is Jewish. I am not Jewish or Zakai Aliya, my spouse is Jewish. I am not Jewish and I do not have at least one Jewish grandparent. I am not Jewish. Can I volunteer if I convert to Judaism? I am 24 man 21 woman , or older. I am over 23 man over 20 woman. Whom can I petition to allow an exemption from the enlistment age limit?

Would I have to get Israeli citizenship in order to qualify? I am an Israeli citizen residing overseas. After my 10th birthday I was never a resident of Israel, but I visited. Does my visit change my status? How does my IDF profile influence my job assignment?

Who will take care of my personal affairs medical insurance, accommodation, etc. I have problems with my health. Can I still volunteer? Are there any vision requirements, or restrictions for those who wear glasses particularly in the sayerot? I might not be eligible for a combat unit for health reasons. How could I help out in a non-combat unit? Should I volunteer for the IDF before college or after college? Is is worth it to do Sar-El or Marva before Mahal as some kind of preparation?

Do I have other options than infantry or non-combat? Can you apply to the navy and the army simultaneously? My regular discharge date will be about two weeks after the beginning of my school year.

Can I be discharged earlier for this reason? Perhaps I will not like it. Can a volunteer get discharged early?

I am not interested in working as a part time volunteer at a Jewish community. Can I still volunteer for the IDF? By volunteer do you mean help out on a base, or actually fully serve in the IDF?

Would a Mahal volunteer be in a unit with Israelis? Does the IDF have any units for English speakers? Does that change the lenght of my service? Do Mahalniks really serve in hotspots? What legal status do Mahal volunteers have in Israel?

I served in the army of my country of origin and was told that I can not serve in the army of another country. Can I get any trouble in my country of origin for serving in the IDF?

Do I have the option to return to my country of origin after the service in the IDF? Do I have to live in Israel after I serve? Who would pay for my travel expenses or other cost? If I make aliyah does this alter the requirements for military service? What will I be free to do in the period from my first visit at the MoD office until the enlistment date? Should I contact the MoD from overseas and schedule an appointment?

Where can I stay during the time I am required to spend in Israel before enlistment? How long should I plan to stay on my own between the Hebrew studies in Israel and enlistment?

My Hebrew is pretty good, so do you suggest I do an advanced ulpan, or just try and immerse myself in the culture in order to become fluent? Which Hebrew Study Program ulpan is best? What would be the exact date of my enlistment? Does the IDF decide where to place you after the enlistee nominates which units he would like to serve in? How does the IDF determine where to place you?

I would like to serve in a special operations unit. If I enlist with a friend is it certain or likely that we will serve together in the same unit? I already have two years of army experience and want to enlist only if I can be placed in a specific unit. Is there a precedent for a Mahalnik serving in XYZ unit?

Do Mahal overseas volunteers serve exclusively in the Nahal Infantry Brigade? Can Mahal volunteers become combat medics chovesh kravi? Can I enlist without the consent of my parents? I am the only child of my parents. Can I serve in a non-combat unit? What kinds of placements do women get in the IDF? What does a female volunteer have to do to get non-administrative job?

Lone Soldiers Chayalim Bodedim privileges. Who would I stay with during pre-basic training? Do Israeli conscripts do the IDF pre-basic training trom tironut of about a month?

Do combat engineering and infantry units get the same training? Where can I obtain information on various contracts available to Mahal volunteers if one would want to serve for a longer period of time, whether in a regular unit or due to acceptance into a Sayeret? If I have one or two years of military service in my country of origin, will that affect my IDF service?

It seems from your website that Mahal only offers infantry or non-combat. Are Mahal volunteers eligible for any sayarot Special Forces?

Am I eligible for benefits after discharge from the IDF? I would like to study at the university in Israel after my service. If so which universities and what programs? Do I loose benefits because of my service in the IDF? I am not interested in doing the part time job at a Jewish community. When does my Israeli A1 status Temporary Resident status change? Making aliya during the IDF service or after discharge.

Can I buy a car free of tax or with a tax discount in Israel? Do I have other benefits? Will it be possible to open up a bank account? What happens if a Mahal volunteer dies in Israel?

Who has custody over the body?

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